Reviews of Open Days @ Lazanou Organic Vineyards

2017 Reviews

It was an amazing experience. Beautiful venue, hugely entertaining and informative walking tasting and excellent food! Especially appreciated the many vegetarian options which can be so difficult to find at a wine farm -and what was on offer here was incredible! Mindy our waitress was so attentive and excellent. Really a day we won't forget! (Chloe Hirschman, June 2017)

Really, the day was impossible to improve upon. Such a lovely and genuine welcome, such super, professional and attentive staff, so unfailingly pleasant. Lots of fascinating info on the walk, wonderful wines generously poured, gorgeous food in a beautiful setting. (Karen Hansen, June 2017)

I seriously have only good comments as the day was fantastic, the company was excellent, the wine was as incredible as always; especially when paired with Candice's unbelievable food!! Thanks so much Candice; my mouth waters every time I think about the meal we had with you, you really are an outstanding chef!! We'll be sure to join you at another of your open days... (Christi Kahle, June 2017)

A wonderful experience from beginning to end. Hearing Josef talk passionately and knowledgably about organic wine making and a sustainable way of life is a ray of hope that shows we can make a difference, we do have a choice and we should never give up. (Sheila Ives, June 2017)

Very special setting. Awesome food and wine. Thank you! (Julian Mosca, May 2017)

Totally enjoyed the day. A lovely experience which we will definitely repeat. (Ann and Peter Baumann, May 2017)

No need to change anything. You have created a unique experience. (Allan Searle, May 2017)

Awesome afternoon, just the helpers could have been a bit more knowledgeable about the wines they are pouring, know the vintage at least. Keep it the way it is, look forward to seeing you in the near future (Leigh Mitchell, May 2017)

I thought the day was perfect in very way. Thank you for having us on your farm. (Linda Thom, February 2017)

While honest and constructive criticism is very useful in the hospitality and services related industry, I must confess, I do not really have any. It really was a fantastic evening. A beautiful setting, great food and wine and very well hosted. (Andrew Hebbert, February 2017)

I really enjoy your open days and I will certainly come again. (Marijke Alblas, February, 2017)

Your open day was another great experience and as always with outstanding food and wine. The Wine Walk is very informative, and for us who are not from the Wine or Farming industry it is a lot of info and the reason we have to come back so many times is that we forget some of it I personally think there is more value for then Money. You must keep on as is, it feels very familiar and that makes the difference. You must be very proud the way you keep your business going and growing. I know very well how much work and attention it is to have everything up to date all the time, especially as you have guests on a working Farm. Once again, thank you very much for another relaxing and amazing Open Day. (Ulrich Plotz, February 2017)

I really enjoyed the open day: the setting is beautiful, the service very friendly and the food and wine is fantastic. (Sandra du Plessis, February 2017)

Everything was over the top amazing!! Could not have asked for a better day out at a more special place! 5 stars for everything. Thank you for my best day in a while! (Jen Kowalyk, February 2017)

Our guests were highly complimentary and thought that the occasion was a magical experience! We agreed! Thank you again for the organization and full marks to Candice for an outstanding spread. (Prof JP van Niekerk, February 2017)

Well, we were WOWd enjoyed every moment shared with you and your environment, you dont need to change a thing. Thank you for your personal touch and sharing your knowledge it was most enriching. (Leigh Mitchell, February 2017)

2016 Reviews

Magical experience with the setting sun and the bright moon. The fires added warmth and geselligheid. The food and complementing wines were perfect. (Prof JP van Niekerk, December 2016)

Thanks so much for Saturday and for inviting and welcoming my friends and I to your stunning farm. We really had a great time on an absolute perfect summers evening. Please tell Candice the food was Amazing!!! You guys really do have a little paradise there in Wellington. Hope those ducks finally decided to leave the water and come to shore and that they are all safe and sound. Now that I have experienced my first open day, I cannot wait until the next one. (Donovan Van Der Vyver, December 2016)

Really lucky we could be part of such a special happening at such a special place. Didn't take many pics, but the sunset was amazing!! Thanks & can't wait for your "sparkling launch"! (Esther Haitink, December 2016)

What a lovely treat Saturday evening was and Im very keen to try to arrange a client function for next year. (Jann Porter, December 2016)

Personally I find that he atmosphere also is an important thing, and it was so good! Happy people, relaxing, peaceful. The tour was informative and you timed it very well. (Els Groot, December 2016)

Great night, and very much value for money. Please try to have the open day more often. (Robert Haitink, December 2016)

Beautiful venue and perfect weather for the evening. Setting at the dam was exceptionally beautiful, and a full moon sunset just took it right over the top. Food was varied and delicious. Wines all awesome. Generous free flow of these wines was almost dangerous, ha ha!! J Well done to all who made it happen. Thank you for sharing your venue. (Linda Lloyd, December 2016)

Everything was excellent. I always have a fantastic time. I would suggest having these events more often but I know that is not always feasible (Merridy Hawkins, November 2016)

A wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable outing. The wine, food, setting and overall atmosphere make for a very special occasion. Thank you again for including us despite being overbooked! (Prof JP van Niekerk, November 2016)

We had a great time again and our adult children and their friends had a ball. We go to vineyards often to taste and eat, but nothing is quite like your style! (Tim Atkinson, November 2016)

An excellent afternoon spent in a beautiful place with good friends, thank you (Alan Power, November 2016)

Another great day at Lazanou. Its always a pleasure to visit (Johannes Schickerling, Nov. 2016)

We were blessed with great weather to compliment everything else. I think I would make this a regular event at least annually (Robert Foster, November 2016)

Thank you for great day. As discussed I believe you could adjust your cost per seat. Its undervalued. But as you says thats your paradox to deal with. Thank you for making Dominic so comfortable your support is greatly appreciated. The food was great, maybe get the kitchen staff to come out and get their well-deserved round of applause (Lance Allen, November 2016)

2015 Reviews

It was a fantastic day as always. Very happy that our table won the "Name the Cow" competition and can't wait to try the wines that were selected. We love coming out to Lazanou and can't wait for the next one! Thank you again for a really great day :-) (Alan Power, December 2015)

Thank you for a most excellent occasion at Lazanou - we were enjoying ourselves so much we did not notice how late it was when we left...apologies! I'm a bit ''wooden fingered'' on the computer... but for your feedback, please mark all columns with ''EXCELLENT''.  Under general comments: you have a standard that is hard for anybody to beat, and the wonderful side is that it is opening people’s minds to the excellence of organic wines. Improvements: ....keep it a secret or you and we will run out of Lazanou wine! This morning our wine arrived, and we have not even paid yet....WOW, THANK YOU! Congratulations on all you have achieved; your enthusiasm and skills just ooze through your wine. (Trish Digby-Smith, December 2015).

It was a very relaxed and enjoyable evening; good and warm hospitality; not easy to think of improvements. (Rainer Hagemann, December 2015)

Everything seems to work like clockwork, the food is super, the wine tasting is great and it just … works really. We would like to do it more often. I know it must be an enormous amount of work to put together, so probably it cannot be done too often. Sadly we have unavoidably missed a few in the past, but hope to be able to attend them more often in the future. Thank you again for a super evening. (Cathy Johns, December 2015)

It was not my first time so I knew what to expect and it was all very good again. Except for the full moon which wasn't there. :) (Nicolaas Zwager, December 2015)

The whole event was an extraordinary pleasant experience. Coming back if I'll get the chance!!! (Marita Hensel, December 2015)

Was fun coming back again. Thanks to everyone! (Ken Gerhardt, December 2015)

I have nothing but praise for Joseph and his team for the successful Open day! It was definitely value for money, and more! The wine tasting and general flow of wine throughout the evening complimented by a 3 course meal was amazing. There is always something great in sharing a platter of starters, it mostly starts and seals good conversations and relationships! This was true fine dining in the country side! Compliments to the Chef! I also loved the fact that it was an intimate "exclusive" group and there was personal touch for each guest to receive attention to "top up" their glasses when necessary. The team did an amazing job! Lastly, we had a chance to meet lovely people who added to the fun and laughter. It would be great to have such events more often especially in summer! The weather permitting and without damage to the natural setting and environment. (Bongi Mkhungo, December 2015)

Thank you so much for the wonderful evening again. The food, the wine, the setting, the team…….everything just perfect, something to be really proud of!! (Emmy van Gool, February 2015)

Thanks for the wonderful open day. You know, we love it… We are thinking about how to celebrate Peter’s birthday, which is on Sunday 12th April. Are you maybe planning an open day for lunch on 12th April? If so, would it be possible for us to book for plus/minus 25 person? (Marion, February 2015)

Thank you for sharing your very carefully and sensitively developed wine estate with Glen and I, we so enjoy the whole evening and next time we hope to be in time for the tour.  Do please add us to your mailing list. (Kathi Kotzen, February 2015)

Great overall experience (Christopher Collins, February 2015)

The Open Day is something that you cannot describe with words! Every Open Day we can attend, we will do so! (Erika Hansmann, February 2015)

Always a memorable experience. Thank you! (Annette Smart, February 2015)

2014 Reviews

A magical evening! (Prof JP van Niekerk, December 2014)

A beautiful day. Thanks so much! (Heather Parker, November 2014)

Thanks for another wonderful lunch and I appreciate the opportunity to get in early on the 2014 vintage. We look forward to the next event. (Arthur Owen, November 2014)

We always enjoy visiting you! The few hours that we spend there gives us a real sense of peace, which is a much needed contrast to the usually busy, chaotic lives that we live. Nerea had a great time. Thank you for helping to make her birthday special, and for accommodating the extras. (Dr Mark Roussot, November 2014)

As before, we really had a splendid time! Thank you so much for a wonderful day! It was great to see you again in such top form! (Anine Trumpelmann, Nov 2014)

Thank you for an awesome evening. Everything was exceptional for me, and I think you’re doing it all very, very well. I would love to attend the Open Day again. (Michael Pickstone-Taylor, March 2014

The music was great. We really enjoy and appreciate that we are made to feel at home when at Lazanou. Arranging accommodation was tricky, but that's because of the festival and 2 weddings in Wellington on the same weekend. The Wellington tourism office was actually quite helping in providing a list of venues for accommodation, and I found that most places that I emailed responded promptly. Perhaps a little more advanced warning would assist on a busy weekend. Even though the day was hot it became a little chilly in the evening, so perhaps you could recommend that people bring their own blankets along in the email with directions, or have a handful of blankets available in case. (Dr Mark Roussot, March 2014)

The relaxed family environment is unique and absolutely lovely! A great event with attention to detail. Well done to all the staff. (Linda Hartog, March, 2014)

Thanks for making it possible for me and my brother to get a last minute booking. We enjoyed it very much and it is unique and very different from all other wine farms. I would like to make use of your offer of a private wine tasting and private dinner. As you know, I do exclusive private tours with our guests and they enjoy the private wine tasting on the small farms very much. I go preferably to farms that don't accept busses and groups. Your setting is very much like the "Postcard Cafe" in Jonkershook, Stellenbosch where they have a pavillion in the dam where the wine tasting takes place. My brother ask if you would give him the recipe of the parmesan crackers? (Ulrich Plotz, March 2014)

Please keep up the good work and thank you for a wonderful evening. The attention to detail including the fires (made in the old wheel barrows) contributed a lot to the evenings ambiance. I grew up on a smallholding (with many animals) in another Boland town called Tulbagh. It is was wonderful to experience the complete farm feeling. I am planning to bring more “city friends” in future to come and experience the true farm feeling. (André Mouton, March 2014)

Well done once again, looking forward to next one. (Lance Allen, March 2014)

Everything was excellent, beautifully presented and great fun. Thank you so much for the opportunity to swim in the dam, it was much appreciated. (Shaun & Arabella, February 2014)

The open day was a wonderful experience. The wine tour tasting was a bit late and dark- felt it could have been a touch earlier. Otherwise the wine was great and the food was superb.  The setting was lovely and hospitality wonderful. I will definitely be back!!! Thank you for a lovely experience. (Heidi Bendel, February 2014)

I found the visit a great experience. The food, wines, reception, company everything was great and interesting. Very well organized. The only small remark was: by starting the walk a little bit earlier, we would have been able to see more of the vineyards. But .. saying that, we would have missed the magical moment of seeing the moon rising. So actually: I do not have any comment. It was just a wonderful experience!!!! Thanks for that! (Marjolein Westerterp, February 2014)

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I am looking forward to join you soon again. (Nicole, February 2014)

This has been a memorable experience as always. Thank you for a wonderful time at your farm. Maybe some kind of natural/organic fly repellent on every table?(Fred Metcalf, February 2014)

Always a most enjoyable experience, that’s why we make the trip, never been let down! (Peter Spykerman, February 2014)

Hi Josef, it was another stunning evening which I enjoyed thoroughly, thank you! (Peter Crowder, January 2014)

When we came to South Africa, this is exactly the kind of social gatherings we hoped we’d experience. Good company, beautiful setting, wonderful food and wine. It really was a special evening. (Michael Weatherhead, January 2014)

I would  score you highly on value for money but then you would put the prices up!! I did not think that you could improve on the lunches but the dinner was equally as good, maybe more so!! (Arthur Owen, January 2014)

Can’t beat a winning recipe!! Everyone in our party loved it! (Dr CP van der Merwe, January 2014)

We love your events, hard to improve on. (Rainier Hagemann, January 2014)

Thank you, it was an absolute treat.  To meet the team and spend a beautiful evening , in a beautiful part of the world. My wife, daughter and I had a lovely time. I have some pictures – do you want me to send some? (Craig Meltzer, January 2014)

2013 Reviews

Well, you did it again, a perfect day, wonderful company, fantastic setting, great food and wine and very friendly and attentive hosts. (David Wallace, December 2013)

Many Thanks for a wonderful afternoon, just the chairs could be a bit more comfortable… (Marion & Peter, December 2013)

Truly an awesome experience and a wonderful day! Thank you for all your effort!! (Uysie Oosthuizen, December 2013)

Very well organised, fantastic service and the setting! Felt very welcomed, thanks a lot!! (Olga Guiro, December 2013)

A wonderful day in a beautiful setting. The food was outstanding in both quality and fresh beautiful flavours. The vegetables were truly excellent. (Steve Allen, November 2013)

A very enjoyable afternoon with excellent food and wine. (Steve Reynolds, November 2013)

Had a wonderful day, thanks for the care taken! Wouldn’t change anything. (Carl Hattingh, October 2013)

Thank you to everyone, we had a wonderful day, we felt welcomed, relaxed and spoilt rotten, your farm is gorgeous and so well kept it was such a pleasure to be in these lovely surroundings. The meza platters should be served at the tables as people arrive, so no drinking on empty tummies.  More shade needed for the tables, it was very hot if you were seated on the sunny side.  The walk could have been a bit longer and would have loved it to round up past the veggie patch and some more info on the organic farming methods. (Gail Brown, October 2013)

We really enjoyed the day at Lazanou and so did our friends.  We’ll  definitely come again in the future. Sorry we won’t make the November open day though. Please keep the invitations coming! (Anine Trumpelmann, October 2013)

 It was all very good except for the heat! Thank you very much. Maybe some more tables could be set under the trees in the garden when there is such a hot spell again. The heat did tend to come through the umbrellas. (Erna Herzberg, October 2013)

What a great day !!!!!!!!!! How can you improve on perfection? (Neville & Gill Nichols, October 2013)

Everything was excellent - we enjoyed the day very much, as ever! (Laura Freeman, October 2013)

A wonderful day of learning, dining and appreciating the bounty & beauty of South Africa’s soils.  Really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the friendly, laid-back service. Perhaps consider including an activity other than walking, depending on the time of year.  Grape stomping, bottling olives etc. (Andrew Fletcher Cole, May 2013)

Really lovely day, beautiful farm, friendly service and amazing food and wine. Loved it! (Sabrina Lee, May 2013)

Perfect day with perfect weather, delicious food and wine, great company. Will definitely be back. Thanks to everyone! (Dr Florian Von Groote-Bidlingmaier, May 2013)

An absolutely amazing day out in the country, beautiful view, excellent wine and food – thank you again. (Alan Power, May 2013)

Quite frankly, I think you need to bump up the price, it’s too cheap…..R350 single/R600 double tickets or so? (Charles Rickens, May 2013)

A real treat - thanks to everyone who worked hard to make this such a wonderful day! (Shaun Conway, May 2013)

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Lazanou this weekend. It was the perfect end to my Mother-Daughter weekend. The wine and food was wonderful and Joseph is a great story-teller so the tour was good. It was also very evident that there was a loving family connection throughout the event which added to the atmosphere. I only had two concerns that I think may help improve the Open Day.  The one is regarding the directions for the farm. I understand why the website doesn't have directions on it but it does make it difficult to quickly look up where to go if you're lost. The other thing is that the sun is a little unpleasant in the afternoon so by the end of lunch my back was quite hot. You may want to consider serving desert & coffee under the trees by the house? (Inger Harber, May 2013)

We had the most fabulous day – thank you to all concerned. Great place, great weather, great company, great food and awesome wines – we couldn’t have asked for better. You guys have a winning formula – oh yes just the recipe for the potato dish if possible …… thanks again. We will be back. (Jennie, Mike, Anne and Robbie Hancock, May 2013)

A wonderfully relaxed and enjoyable occasion.  A special bonus was the superb weather.  It was pitched just right. Since her contributions are central to the enjoyment, perhaps Candice could also make an appearance for the guests to see and thank her?(Prof JP van Niekerk, May 2013)

Thanks for a really fantastic day, even the weather played ball! (Sam & Merika, May 2013)

The day was super, not much improvement possible. I think the evening setting is great and nicer than day setting. The food was fine especially also for me as a vegetarian. The informal but still high quality of the food, wine and surroundings makes it a memorable experience. (Nicolaas Zwager, February 2013)

Truly a lovely evening. Really enjoyed every bit of it. Was a very romantic evening, and I'm definitely planning to do it again! Thank you so much! (Gabriel Gonsalves, February 2013)

Thank you for a delightful evening! I have always imagined that it would be a very special occasion but as a full moon follower, it was spectacular. (Trudy Oosthuizen, January, 2013)

Hi Josef, the afternoon/evening spent with you and your family was amazing, I enjoyed every aspect of it. And will treasure the memory and talk about if for a very long time. The only thing I would say (which is not wrong) there was just too much food choice. I don't like to waste and that is what happened when I tried to taste everything because it looked so good. Even though I took just a spoonful of each it ended up to be just too much on my plate, and for that I am sorry. I would have been just as happy to have had half the food choice.  The event could not be improved and I would love to come back with some new friends to experience it again. (Wendy Lloyd, January, 2013)

It was an experience I will always remember! It is linked to a deeply significant experience in my life and being there has brought a level of acceptance and closure for me.....thank you for the Lazanou experience. I cannot fault the Open Day in any way whatsoever, other than to say that it was an "abundant culinary feast" - sadly i did not have room to taste all the wonderful dishes presented and would have been happy with a smaller choice as every dish was tasteful and wonderfully presented! (Margaret Neethling, January, 2013)

I was ‘blown away’ by my experience...from my arrival to my departure I had the most amazing sense of feeling complete and contained ... It was wonderful. It is excellent value for money and I feel you could charge more for the experience. (Graham Goble, January, 2013)

All in all it is fantastic what you do. You, your wife, daughter and son and all staff had done all that could be done. It was truly amazing. (Sven, January, 2013)

It was a perfect evening. Well organised and in a beautiful venue - of course the weather and full moon all contributed. The hosting was perfect - just enough to make you feel at home but not intrusive. All in all it was a very enjoyable evening. (Natalie Cleary, January, 2013)

2012 Reviews

As always, we were very happy. Nice table with nice people in good company. Only the chairs were very uncomfortable. But probably for good reason, otherwise we would never have gone… (Peter and Marion, November 2012)

The wines were very good. It is a long time (in fact beyond memory) when I have been anywhere with such a good feel to it. I really don’t think you could improve on the Open Day, and I mean it. (Phil, November 2012)

Thank you for a perfect day. Our friends were very impressed. (Neville and Gillian Nichols, November, 2012)

Well, you have done it again, another great afternoon spent with you all. We keep coming back…. you can't get a better recommendation than that. Well done, please keep it up. (David & Jane Wallace, November, 2012)

Great day and very welcoming. Well done to the team at Lazanou for the fabulous day we all had! Will be back! (Sue Harvie, Devon Valley, Cape Town Slow Food Movement, September, 2012

Thank you very much for your kind hospitality. (Renée & Dick Kruisinga, Cape Town Slow Food Movement, September 2012)

It was a wonderful day, and everyone enjoyed it so much! There is no need for any improvement. The value for money is worth mentioning, as we struggle to keep costs of meals offered to our members within a reasonable range. We know how costs are mounting daily, so we appreciated the quality and variety of the food and wine. (Pat Rademeyer, Cape Town Slow Food Movement, September 2012)

Wonderfully relaxed occasion in great setting with excellent food (also for thought) and fine family-feel service. (JP and Annette van Niekerk, Cape Town Slow Food Movement, September 2012)

It was a wonderful experience, which made it a great outing. We would really like to go back again. (Jan and Jet van Bergen, Cape Town Slow Food Movement, September 2012)

It was a wonderful day, all round, and I am glad you organized the weather so well too, as it was a stunning day. The food was superb and I especially enjoyed the wild boar pie. I will definitely bring a group of friends to experience it for themselves. Please send me a list of dates for your next open days. (Gillian Bowie, Cape Town Slow Food Movement, September 2012)

Excellent as always, good food, good wines and good company. (Arthur Owen, May 2012)

It was a great pleasure for me and my wife to attend your Open Day. It was a unique experience and we enjoyed it very much. The atmosphere was great and we had a lot of fun.  Thanks also to Rebecca and Candice. The food was wonderful. (Wolfgang Muller May 2012)

Thanks to you guys for such a lovely day. Everyone in our group really enjoyed it. (Lee Griffin May 2012)

Thank you for a sublime Open Day on your farm. it was thoroughly enjoyable and informative. Please thank Candice for her delicious catering, done with such generosity and imagination! (Natalie Elkins, May 2012)

We have been on a few wine tasting tours and I must admit this was the best one thus far. We indeed love the personal attention that was given to us from all the personnel, especially Josef.  He really made us feel exceptional and special.  Your wine and the quality thereof is superb. I am studying toward a degree in Environmental Management and absolutely loved the talk about the organic nature of the farm. I particularly loved the fact that we were able to eat organic food that was harvested by your subsistence farming methods. I shall be pleased if you could let us know of all future events that will be held at your farm. (Malcolm Smith, April 2012)

A thoroughly enjoyable event which we would recommend to others. Would really like to do it again. The warm friendly family feel was much appreciated along with your generosity in every way. The food was outstanding and the wine paired so well with it all. (Robin & Christine Lautenbach, April 2012)

Thanks to the Lazanou team for the most wonderful day yesterday – we really felt like royalty sitting under our “own” willow tree, enjoying your fabulous wine and food. We would love to be put on your mailing list so that we can return, and tell our friends about it. Really appreciated your hospitality. My son and his girlfriend were equally captivated by the farm, food and wine. (Jenny Handley, April 2012)

2011 Reviews

Representative of all 19 in our group, I would like to express our thanks to the Lazanou team for a truly wonderful full moon experience. We enjoyed the unique ambiance, the fantastic preparations and the excellent food. The wine tasting under such eloquent leadership in the vineyards and a touch of help from Poseidon, all made for an unforgettable experience. The service and attention to detail were stunning. Every single person in our group rang out their praise on this very special evening. A very special thanks to Candice for all her tireless work in the kitchen, the preparations presentation and the resulting delicious foods, Rebecca for her charming, helpful way of making people feel comfortable, always there to offer a  glass of delicious wine and David for his always present, quiet thoughtful way of being there and helping with a watchful eye. The work to make such a success did not go unnoticed. Thank you Lazanou team. (Tom Goldschmidt, Dec 2011)

Thank you for a lovely evening – we had an absolutely wonderful time! Thank you also for accommodating us with the children! You have a beautiful setting and family set-up. We will certainly be back! (Katrin Ludik, Dec 2011)

The utilization of the farm area is excellent with good integration of the various aspects of the farm. The seating arrangements for lunch were enhanced by the back drop of the house, garden, vines and pond. The attention of the staff was excellent without being intrusive. (Ronnie Cox May 2011)

Excellent, very enjoyable day. Don't change a thing! (Laura Freedman, May 2012)

Thanks a million for a great day yesterday! Your farm is amazing. (Tom Turner, May 2011)

Thanks for a wonderful day yesterday, we all thoroughly enjoyed it, beautiful food and wine in a marvellous place. (Foster, Kate, Rebecca, Siobhan, Gina and Arno, May 2011)

Another excellent day. Well done! How could the Open Day be improved? Provide a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce to pick us up from home in the price. Failing that, keep the formula as is. (Arthur Owen, May 2011)

Dear Josef, Candice, Rebecca, David and Team. I had an amazing day yesterday at the Lazanou Organic Vineyards Open Day which was over far too soon. It was great exploring the farm and getting to know all the different aspects of the operation – which makes Lazanou so unique. The organic vegetable garden is very impressive and so is the animal husbandry and of course the wines – which are simply delicious! Congratulations and well done to an expertly delivered experience. (Hector van der Walt)

Dear Josef and team. I just wanted to thank you very much for a fabulous Open Day yesterday, the setting, food , wine and company was just wonderful and will definitely be back. (Samantha Chatham)

Dear Josef, Candice, Rebecca, David, Gertrude for all the lovely butter, cream, milk and cheese and the sheep for not eating the vegetable patch. Thank you so very much for a wonderful day. You are all so attentive and make us feel like old friends. Nathalie and the littlies enjoyed it so much and we are looking forward to bringing the daddy next time as well. The food was delicious Candice and everything else was perfect. Wonderful day. Can`t get any better. Will come again and bring all the family. (Elsabe & Konrad Jehle)

Thanks Josef! We had a great time (Rich, Bernie, Sun, and Jonathan) and I brought home some Syrah which made my life a better place! Keep us on the invite list—we SHALL return!

We cannot stop talking about the wonderful time we had, the service, the beauty, the simplicity of eating, drinking and sharing and being outside. (Hayward Barends, November 2011)

Stunning day, well organised, relaxed informal, convivial environment, great food and wine, excellent hosts and interesting company. (Randal Gregg, November 2011)

I particularly enjoyed Josef’s very evident passion for Lazanou’s organic farming method. Josef, Rebecca and David were wonderfully attentive hosts. Well done! The cap on 40 quests is ideal and personal. (Derek Davis, November 2011)

Wonderful day! It can’t get any better. We will come again and bring the family. (Konrad & Elsabe Jehle, November 2011)

2010 Reviews

‘The standard is very high’. (Martin Mc Cabe, October 2010)

‘We are still basking in the aftermath.  It was a wonderful day and we will bring the said kids, now with their own kids, next year.  So please let us know in time so we can book our table.  The food was delicious, the wine was delicious, the setting is so beautiful and the atmosphere lovely.  Thank you all for a most enjoyable day with lovely memories. Don`t let more people come.  I think part of the magic is the small number of guests’. (Konrad & Elsabé Jehle, October 2010)

‘We thoroughly enjoyed the surroundings, excellent fare, good hospitality and service you provided for us. We also met some very nice people with similar background and tastes and we enjoyed their company. And of course the wines were very good. Thank you for hosting a lovely event; we enjoyed it and our understanding of organic wine has grown 100%.  Really struggled to think how the Open Day could be improved as we believe you have got it so right. I know we are told there is always room for improvement but we genuinely feel it will be hard for you to do so. (Jane & Dave Wallace, October 2010)

We really enjoyed the Open day - will definitely spread the word. (Laenese Bouwer, October 2010)

We had a marvellous time, thank you! Good weather, pleasant host, good food and wine and new friends, all in all remarkable. Thank you for opening your facility to us. (Jennifer Manikkam, October 2010)

Thanks Josef, to you and your team for an absolutely spectacular day.  I always wonder with these things what the back-up plan is for a rainy day?  My outdoor events at home haven't always been so fortunate with the weather! (Arthur Owen, December 2010)

The Fillet was prepared to perfection, but Germans like it with a sauce (like bernaise or pepper) (Michael Bernecker, December 2010)

A stunning day with fabulous food & great weather – couldn’t ask for more (Justin Linley, December 2010)

We had a lovely, lovely day thank you all (Tony & Paul, December 2010)

It was a great day and a wonderful privilege to share your passion for wine and farming Jo. Candice - your love for the prep and presentation of the organic food was first class -- thank you. (Frank & Karen Koch, December 2010)

Thanks for the lunch last weekend - was amazing!  I'd definitely be up for it again. I love the laid-back, non-pretentious vibe of lazanou - a true winelands rarity! (Michael Rahfaldt, December 2010)

Dear Josef and your wonderful partner who prepared that dream food.  It was pure ambrosia! Gilles and I really enjoyed visiting your domain and discovering what you have created.  Congratulations. I still visualise this landscape of taste, texture and colour when I see ourselves sharing your wondrous meal together with the velvety mouth-feel of the grapes turned into wine lingering on our palates.  It was special meeting Rebecca and Bella (Sally Cristini, December 2010)

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