Lazanou Organic Vineyards


If the great adventure of setting up the estates began in 2002 to gradually and until 2007 know the current distribution, it was in 2020 that we finalized the purchase of the wine farm in order to continue to produce quality grapes to guarantee the production of exceptional wines! When we take over the farm, we find that maintenance work must be undertaken immediately in order to satisfy the various standards, but more specifically those of safety in the field of electricity. The vineyards must also be rehabilitated at the structural level; vineyard number 4 (Syrah) will be uprooted in 2021 and the site will remain fallow until 2024 to provide rest before the new vines are replanted. Our objectives are to perpetuate the production of grapes and to introduce our nectars during tastings or events. We are aiming, in the long term, for the vinification of wines on the farm by ourselves, but the road is still long and the learning process has only just begun.

and now


Our learning is very enriching and despite the many difficulties encountered, we are both proud and grateful to be able to live this adventure which motivates us to aim for excellence with all the humility necessary to understand that if we supervise the activities, the nature dictates the tempo and returns to us its best…

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